All types and sizes of rollers can be recovered at a significant cost savings. Rollers are inspected for wear and repairs are done if necessary. All recovering's are precision ground which assures that they will perform as well as a new roller.

Covering material of worn rollers can be duplicated as well as any grooving configuration.

We have rubber compounds available for heat resistance, abrasion resistance and hi-release properties. A full range of rubber hardness from 15 duro through 95-100 duro is available.

Roller recovery service includes core inspection and repairs if necessary; precision ground rubber diameter concentric with bearing journals. Roller recovery service is one of our specialties.

Roller Crowning

To counter the effects of core deflection or to ensure proper web alignment, many roll covers require parabolic concave or convex crowns. Based on a calculation of core deflection or after in-depth nip impression analysis, we can recommend the precise crown needed for your specific application.