Abflex Rubber is your customized molding, fabricating and rubber roll covering shop specializing in all types of rubber and silicone products.

We have been developing rubber solutions for Plastic, Metal, Textile, Paper, Wood, Converters, Printing, Mining and Conveying industries. We pride ouselves in producing high quality products to meet and exceed all your needs and expectations. Our trained staff is here to help develop a solution to meet your specific production needs.

We have rubber compounds available for heat resistance, abrasion resistance and hi-release properties. A full range of rubber hardness from 15 duro through 95-100 duro is available.

Roller recovery service includes core inspection and repairs if necessary; precision ground rubber diameter concentric with bearing journals. Roller recovery service is one of our specialties.

Abflex can provide your business with customized tooling for all those difficult and hard to reach jobs.